Pioneering a new wave of mobile entertainment, through live gaming experiences

We take familiar games that everyone knows, and through utilising our live gaming platform, we transform them into sensational live experiences. Aimed at bringing people together, regardless of who or where they are. 

Our Four Pillars


Nationwide Live Games

At our core, we create nationwide entertainment through live mobile gaming experiences. At fixed times, the general public stop what they’re doing and come together to play against each other, in thrilling knock-out style games, in the pursuit of winning exciting free prizes. Our games create a united sense of light hearted competition and are so simple that everyone can play, and anyone can win. 

Classic game of Rock Paper Scissors transformed into an epic national mobile contest. Roshambo Live unites friends and loved ones in a fun and thrilling 5- minute knock-out contest, with the chance of winning amazing prizes. Played every Sunday at 8pm, anyone with a mobile 

Private Games

Our games are epic when played across the nation, but they’re also just as much fun in smaller groups. We run private, exclusive tournaments of our live games, to be utilised by companies to engage their customers, employees or prospects. Whether you’re an independent bar wanting to utilise our games to retain customers in your venue, or a large scale stadium wanting to run our games for the audience before the headline act comes on, you can use our self-service platform to take control of the game times and drive both engagement and commercial benefits for your business. 

Recent Testimonials

“Roshambo helped us retain 80% of our customers for 30 minutes AFTER the England game had ended”
The Mayfair
“COVID-19 meant many of our staff became isolated - Roshambo Live really helped unite colleagues each day & was something to look forward to!"
“One of our regulars, Dale, turned up for just one drink and ended up staying for about 3 hours… just to play x2 games of Roshambo!”
Stocks Tavern
“Roshambo Live was the perfect game for one of our company kick-off events - a brilliant game that everyone could play!”
Reward Gateway

Show Games

A recent study showed that 80% of people watching television, do so with their mobile phone in their hand. We’re creating live mobile games that accompany the general public’s most loved shows, providing viewers the opportunity to play a game against other fellow viewers, in exciting show related games.


Interactive Gameshows

We’re creating the future of television gameshows. Interactive gameshows that empower every viewer at home to become a contestant through our simple mobile apps, where you can win life changing sums of money from the comfort of your living room.

Case studies coming soon...

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